Trees for Relief social project news letter 2018, Nepal

On the 20th of January the fifth Trees for Relief workshop with the inhabitants of the village was organized. The interest within nearby communities towards the services and workshops we provide keeps growing. The latest workshop focused on grafting extremely valuable fruit and nut trees to the root- stocks found in the local jungle.

The majority of the workshops we provide take place in a classroom and a garden equipped for studying at Trees for Relief. However, the library and the small study center are still under construction. Once they are finished, everyone willing to come and spend time studying as well as copying materials on eco- friendly gardening and permaculture will be welcome.

Approximately a year ago we began the plastering of the dome and took up the building of the wooden frame and the roofing of the kitchen department. A supporter of our project, a doctor from Italy, will reside on the premises to supervise the garden and organize a small medical center for the use of the local community. Thus we were preoccupied with the monsoon and had to temporarily seize the works until the rain stopped, which finally happened during September 2017. Observing the aftermath of the monsoon we realized that the layer of plaster we had applied previously was not sufficient. So we applied two more layers after which we were able to paint the dome. During September the Blossom Project received a new fund to aid us with the work at Trees for Relief. Simultaneously in August workshops at the garden were organized. As of now, the garden hosts 16 species of fruit and nut trees.