Clothes, when selected correctly, can not only improve your figure but also decrease your age. On the other side, vulgar elements and garments can absolutely ruin your appearance.  More→
In the following post we will be telling you about fibers that are used together with cashmere.   More→
Where does the word “cashmere” originate from? The history of cashmere and its name are closely tied to the Kashmir Valley, a place of astounding beauty.  More→
The capital of Nepal is also the biggest city of the country. Its population is nearly a million people. The separation from the rest of the world by a range of high mountains led to Kathmandu developing unique features and a distinctive style of architecture, which has remained unchanged since the middle ages. 
Recognizing good, pure cashmere is not easy. Even a professional cannot know simply by touching the garment whether or not it has other fibers, such as sheep wool, which is a lot cheaper than cashmere, added to it. Only a laboratory analysis can determine this for sure. However, remembering a few tips upon which we shall now elaborate will make choosing a cashmere garment a lot easier.  More→
Since the home country of our lovely stoles and scarves is Nepal, we cannot ignore the artistry of this wonderful country, which has inspired us to create. The art of Nepal has been developing for centuries upon centuries, taking influence both from the neighboring countries, and the people of Nepal themselves. The location between India and Tibet, its division into several ethnic groups, isolated location, and multiple languages, all created a complicated twist of traditions and cultures of the people inhabiting Nepal. Multi- ethnic and multi- lingual setting played a big role in the development of religion, philosophy, culture, arts, crafts, and folklore. Multiple colorful holidays and festivals described below are a great example of these influences. On festival days it is easier to understand the magnitude of the cultural variety in Nepal.   More→
It would be quite hard to find a person who dislikes this winter holiday. As children, we already expect miracles, fulfillment of dreams, and, obviously, surprises. Once people grow up they start to wonder what should they gift their loved ones, friends, and colleagues for Christmas. What matters is the price of the present as well as its quality, and, most importantly, will the person receiving it like it and need it?  More→
Time flies by fast and sometimes you might just notice how another ten years have passed. Every woman should already know and cultivate her individuality by thirty. However we should not blindly follow in fashion's footsteps but place her at our service.  More→
Time for revision! The best way to decide what garments are worth your while is to go through your wardrobe piece by piece, dedicating at least a day to that slow yet necessary procedure.  More→
A perfectly picked scarf should match with several other pieces from your wardrobe. Don't buy a scarf or a shawl merely because you enjoy its color or appearance. It would be a shame you'll have nothing to wear with your new, gorgeous accessory.   More→
Due to the recent reorganization of your closet some gaps will inevitably appear. They will have to be filled by pieces in styles and colors that work for you. In order to ease this task, make a list of the most necessary items.  More→
Who stands behind the brand Macte? I'm a professional designer (Master of Art in Fashion Design) who has been in the clothing industry for the last twenty years.  More→
Ancient masters polished their craft for years before creating the incredible costumes and accessories made of the most exquisite materials.  More→
Color is life, for a world without color seems dead. As a flame produces light, light produces color. As intonation lends color to the spoken word, color lends spiritually realized sound to a form. (Johannes Itten)  More→