The label with care symbols will always tell you how to properly take care of cashmere. Always follow the instructions precisely. Usually, cashmere scarves and shawls hardly ever require cleaning. You should remember that some cashmere garments, including scarves and shawls by MACTE can only be dry- cleaned. In the worst case, they might lose their shape and appearance since thin threads are very delicate.

If the garment has been stained, wash the spot with cold water immediately by placing it under running water. Never use hot water–it will only make the stain more visible. Lay the garment out to dry. Then, if needed, iron it afterwards under the temperature marked on the label.

In cases of bad stains, do not try to restore your garment by yourself; bring it to the dry cleaner.
Treat your scarf or shawl delicately. They have been produced with highly delicate materials. Considering the special construction, it is recommended that you handle this item with care, without direct contact with hard or sharp objects since it might lead to damage.

Cashmere shawls and scarves are best kept folded in special bags. Tissue paper can also be used. We also recommend that you fold the scarves only lengthwise. Square shawls can be folded in several directions. Garments should also have no pressure upon them, there should be air and space.
In the summer, scarves can be dried outside for a day without being exposed to direct sunlight, upside down.

You should not wear a cashmere garment every day. They should be allowed to rest every once in a while, left unfolded for a few days. If you carefully unfold the shawl and leave it like that for a day, the folding marks will disappear by themselves.

One of the most efficient ways of protecting cashmere garments from clothes moths and making them smell fresh is placing small fabric bags filled with lavender, cloves and dried citrus next to it.
Take care of your MACTE accessories, wear them with pleasure and they will serve You for many years.