Colors and their significance

In the autumn we often suffer from mood swings which can be related to the lack of sunlight, especially in the northern countries.

Color therapy is a simple yet effective way to improve one's mental and physical well-being. Not all scientists and doctors consider color therapy a legitimate form of science but one can't underestimate the effect colors have on your life and mood. A color can stimulate and change biochemical reactions in human tissue, affect glands and certain parts of the brain, especially the pituitary body which affects the production of certain hormones responsible for metabolism, sleep, appetite, physical and emotional well-being, sexual arousal, mood and such.
The easiest way to put color therapy into use are our clothes and accessories. Sometimes the color of a scarf not only helps create a gorgeous outfit but also has a certain therapeutic effect. The meanings of colors vary depending on the culture.

Below we will tell about the effect a color can have from the view of color therapy.

RED: The color of fire. If you feel that you lack energy, wear red. Red keeps the body warm and thus is useful for those who tend to suffer from common colds. It awakens feelings, the image of a fatal femme is related tored for a reason. This color will positively affect your heart, stimulate the immune system, activate metabolism. Although if you suffer from high blood pressure red can only make the matters worse. Overuse ofred can cause hyperactivity, emotional outbursts and even aggression.

YELLOW: The color of sun. Yellow cures fatigue and overwhelming passiveness. Color therapy using yellow is recommended for melancholic, passive people with a tendency for internal conflict since it helps to get rid of obsessive thoughts, feeds optimism and confidence. This color is good for the skin and the nervous system, it also positively affects eyesight.

BLUE: The color of water. This color calms down, helps with insomnia, ushers recovery after serious stress. Recommended for highly emotional people who suffer from the lack of trust, restlessness, tenseness.

PURPLE: The color of faith. This color represents the unity between blue and red, stillness and motion. In color therapy its calming yet cleaning and strengthening properties are put into use. Purple supports the immune system and heals damaged nerves, cures eye pain and tiresomeness. This is an inspiring and spiritual color. It can help you get rid of your deepest fears.

GREEN: The color of nature. Green is the combination of yellow and blue. That's why when affecting one's nervous system it demonstrates the properties of both cool and warm colors. This color cures heart diseases, removes headache, stabilizes blood pressure and calms the nerves. Psychologists recommend this color in cases ofnervous breakdowns, overtiredness, chronic fatigue and concentration issues. The influence of green creates a feeling of peace, balance and mental renovation. No wonder that we feel so good in the forest, close to nature.

ORANGE: This is the color of summer, a mixture of yellow and red. It helps with gastro- enteric diseases, stimulates the pineal gland and helps preserve youth. Orange can also reduce irritability and help upkeep emotional instability. It's only negative property are it's appetite arousing qualities.

BLACK: Black promotes discipline, self- control and stealth yet if you are riddled with depression or obsessive thoughts wearing black may not be the best of choices, especially in the summertime.

WHITE: White is the color of purity. It will help if you lack sensitivity.

PINK: This is the color of joy and happiness, it cools down the nervous system, improves the general mood and promotes deep sleep and muscle relaxation.

It is not necessary to clad yourself in one single color in order to rise the spirits of your own and of those who surround you. All that is required is to have a garment of needed color in front of your eyes. When working with a color place the accent upon all things positive, think about love and joy, pleasure and wealth, happiness and success and soon you will feel refreshed and in harmony with yourself and the world.