fibers that are used together with cashmere

No doubt, cashmere and silk make the most exquisite combination. Just like cashmere, silk is a fiber of animal origin. It is a thin thread produced by silkworms when they are weaving their cocoons. A silk thread is extremely durable, flexible, preserves warmth, and is easy to dye. Silk is often used together with other kinds of fibers such as cashmere, cotton, and wool to better their pre-existing qualities. Cashmere scarves and stoles by MACTE with added silk have a pleasant sheen to them and will work perfectly both during a warm summer night and during a cool evening. 

Merino wool is blended with cashmere to lower the price of the final product. Merino wool itself is also impeccable and possesses a multitude of wonderful properties. It is long, soft, and flexible, and can keep its shape and form for an extremely long time. This wool has a natural whiteness with a harmonious pallet of color nuances. Merino wool can absorb up to 33 percent of its volume in liquid, which is why the human body always stays warm and dry in it. Wool fibers have millions of air cushions that support warmth preservation during both cold and hot weather. Products made from a wool and cashmere blend are not as soft and fluffy as those of pure cashmere but merino wool definitely adds shape.

Modal is type of rayon used with cashmere to create the lightest of summer scarves. They are virtually weightless and remain comfortable even when the weather is quite hot. The special process of modal production guarantees the lightness of the fibers. A single ten thousand meter long fiber only weighs one single gram. That is why modal and cashmere make the most light and tender products. Modal is an eco- conscious material without any toxic additions. Cashmere and modal garments will remain bright- colored and will never cause any unpleasant skin reactions since modal is hypoallergenic.

The blend of cashmere and linen is an uncommon yet very good combination. Linen is a plant- produced fiber made from the stems of the flax plant. It is used mostly for summer clothing. Linen is a smooth material with a matte sheen. It is resistant to dirt, absorbs liquid and dries quickly so the combination of these materials is lovely. Linen is a hygroscopic material so it is ideal for hot, humid weather. It also makes cashmere more durable. A distinctive quality of linen and cashmere blend fabrics is a natural color since linen is not optimal for dyeing.

The blend of cashmere and cotton is also quite rare. Cotton breathes extremely well and is hygroscopic which means that it can absorb a lot of liquid without becoming humid to touch. Cotton fabric is less durable than linen or silk, but more durable than wool. Cotton is also warmer than linen.