Baby Cashmere

Baby Cashmere is a rare and valuable material which is produced from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids.

Cashmere fibers are collected through a procedure which is perfectly safe to the baby goats. They are combed with a delicate brush once in their life when they are still three to twelve months old. You can’t get more than eighty grams of light fluff from one kid which is three times less than what you can get from an adult goat. This explains the high price of this material compared to normal cashmere.

The Baby Cashmere fibers are also thinner than those of normal cashmere. One fiber is approximately thirteen to thirteen and a half microns while a normal cashmere fiber is approximately fourteen and a half microns.

The fur of approximately twenty kids is required in order to produce a jumper and around sixty to produce a coat. In order to produce even the most light of shawls, you would need the fur of at least two kids.

Baby cashmere is used in a wide range of knitwear, outerwear and accessories. Baby cashmere garments are incomparably soft and light.

Feel the difference and enjoy our luscious accessories.


Cashmere is a material produced from the underfleece of Tibetan hircus goats.

In order to survive in this challenging environment with a severe continental climate, harsh winters and hot summers, these small yet unusual animals have developed a soft underfleece which is located under the thicker, rougher hair and consists of fine, soft fibers which provide the animal protection during freezing cold mountain winters. Thus cashmere is a lot warmer than average wool but doesn’t feel too hot once the temperature has risen. It’s so lovely to wrap yourself in a soft cashmere shawl on a summer night!

The underfleece is brushed out with a special comb which is perfectly harmless to the animals. The procedure is performed once a year, in spring. One goat can only offer up to two hundred grams of fur (only neck and chest area fur is used).

That is why cashmere is so expensive, its price also covers the difficulties which appear while obtaining the fur.

Natural silk is cashmere’s best friend. When silk threads are added to cashmere it gets an elegant matte shine. Cashmere and silk are a truly wonderful combination of two royal materials.