How to choose a scarf or a shawl?

How to choose a scarf or a shawl?

A perfectly picked scarf should match with several other pieces from your wardrobe. Don't buy a scarf or a shawl merely because you enjoy its color or appearance. It would be a shame you'll have nothing to wear with your new, gorgeous accessory. 

If you are picking a scarf for a particular ensemble, it would make sense to hit the stores wearing the outfit to make sure you'll find the perfect match. 

If a scarf looks wonderful on someone, it might look completely different on you. Thus, before making a purchase, check if the favored accessory matches your eyes, hair and skin tone.

Size does matter! A big, colorful scarf attracts more attention so you should consider whether you want to make the scarf the main detail of your look or would you prefer it to stay an additional accessory. If you would like to place the focus onto your coat or general outfit, go for a monotonous or simple- patterned scarf.

Quality over everything! An expensive scarf will serve you for a long time and bring you pure joy unlike low- quality scarves by unknown manufacturers which tend to quickly lose their pleasant appearance. You should pay particular attention to the edges of the scarf. They have to be even and well- done.