Love confession

You are not mistaken, we want to confess our love for accessories. There can never be too many scarves and shawls but sometimes your collection just needs a fresh addition.

Seemingly, what could be simpler? A piece of fabric thrown around one's neck to keep you warm or protect you from the burning heat. But underneath the veil of simplicity hide endless opportunities: you can create countless new combinations and outfits within your wardrobe.

That´s why all our accessories are created with love and care. Every single element, every color is thought through with love, joy and hope that one of our garments would look perfect on You.

Shawls by Macte are like rays of sun caressing the autumn leaves, tender whispers of the sea, singing of the morning birds and endless love for life. We only use the most exquisite materials: pure cashmere or cashmere with added silk. Every single shawl can be passed forward in the family like a piece of art.

Scarves and shawls can be a necessary addition both in everyday life and during big events.

They are priceless finds for travelers. Requiring hardly any space a warm cashmere pashmina by Macte can act as a great alternative to a coat and keep you warm on a chilly evening. A thin scarf will be your trusty companion during the day and can replace a beach hat or a pareo. We are glad to have you by our side. Stay unique, wear Macte.