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  • 30 November -0001 00:00:00
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So how did it all start?

Probably with the fact that accessories have been our passion for years. A scarf is much more than just a garment.

It's a poem and a symphony, maybe even a short yet perfect haiku, an image, a style, the mood for the day, the final accent of the entire outfit.

There can't be too many scarves and every single one of them has a special occasion to be worn on.

This brand, this new project is a result of experiments and thought processes that have been going on for years. We dream of perfection. Macte – in Latin it means fantastic, magnificent.

We strive for perfection by producing gorgeous accessories made from high-class materials which will serve you for years.

As a professional designer who has worked with countless types of clothing, I fell in love with cashmere as well as the small, beautiful country Nepal where we make our scarves.

Nepalese quality has a history of many centuries. We searched for reliable partners by visiting every single manufacturer personally and are now working with family factories which produce high- quality products made of cashmere and other fibers. Thus our client can be certain that no child labor was involved and the production is completely legal.

Our company's mission is creating ethical, high- quality products which will serve for many years and delight its owners due to the impeccable quality of manufacturing and materials. The scarves are produced in small amounts, the design of every scarf is unique.

We also organize charity projects and projects that help support artists.