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Macte is more than only a brand. Our main goal, aside from working in the field of beauty and fashion, has always been helping those in need. In 2015 Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake which took thousands of lives and directly affected even more. Part of our income from selling scarves will go directly to helping those who need it the most, including the people who have been in one way or another affected by the disaster.

We are planning to work with both Nepalese and foreign charity organizations, funds and innovators to make sure that our help reaches its destination in the best way possible. As it is widely known, one of the most important niches to investment is youth and education so one of the projects we are currently working on is a new school built entirely out of eco- conscious materials.

This path might have just started and there still is a long road to go but we are entering this with passion and dedication, ready to constantly learn and grow in order to be able to give our best both to our customers and those who we want to help.