Permaculture Organic Farm in Panauti

  • 04 February 2017 20:19:56
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Apart from just being a fashion brand, we strive to help people in need. We are happy to inform you that we have become an official partner of “Trees for Relief” - a project that teaches young Nepalese people to plant and grow valuable fruit and nut trees. The project gives children important agricultural knowledge and skills.

“Thanks to the donations we have received so far, we are able to buy high value fruit and nut trees for the village to help catalyze a "slow-impact" development project. We will start with planting on the affected villagers' land. Children will take the lead and participate in workshops taking place on Nepal's pioneering organic farm: Everything Organic, led by their knowledgeable staff, from whom we also purchased the trees.” The Trees for Relief Project

The project runs in a small village named Gaggle. The main problem of this and many other Nepalese villages is outward migration. The project is focused on sustainable cultivation, which will be taught to children aged 14-18, so that they could see and use the value of what they have around them instead of going abroad to toil for minimum salary, escaping into the military or falling into poor habits.