Strive for perfection

Ancient masters polished their craft for years before creating the incredible costumes and accessories made of the most exquisite materials. They strove to create a true masterpiece, a demonstration of their culture.  To this day their work leaves us in absolute awe.

Not only the festive outfits of upper- class dames were created with passion and talent. The national costume with its exquisite decor, embroidery and other gorgeous elements is an infinite source of inspiration.

A small family treasure of ours is the wedding blouse of my great- great- grandmother, a simple woman from the countryside. The blouse is completely hand- stitched, every seam is perfect and in its place and even after more than a hundred years of not the most careful preservation the garment still amazes with the quality of the materials and the high level at which it had been executed. 

Mass production in the modern world has become a massive industry, reigned by globalization with all the following positive and negative consequences. You can regularly update your wardrobe and remain in style even while being on a budget but the industry often aspires to maximize the profits while keeping the prices as low as possible by sticking to low- quality materials. The modern market is stuffed with one- day garments which entirely lose their shape after one single season. Fashion industry is in a constant movement, with ever-changing styles and trends, pushing the consumer to keep buying more and more.

We do not claim to be a new word in fashion and design yet for the longest time we've been thinking that in the modern world there is need for a business with a human face. We want to stop, look around, feel how beautiful the world is and realize that there is no need to hurry. We want to create high- quality accessories with concentration and insight, pieces that will serve for years and that will be passed on in the family. We want to support indigenous crafts and give Nepalese businesses a chance and help those who need it the most.