Useful advice for looking young every day

Clothes, when selected correctly, can not only improve your figure but also decrease your age.

On the other side, vulgar elements and garments can absolutely ruin your appearance.

Main rules: 

1. Matching bag and shoes as well as matching jewelry sets are very out of style and will automatically increase your age by a year or two.

2. Avoid olive and earthy tones, which reflect on your face and give it a sickly paleness.

3. Your love for luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, lace, and lurex often works against you in the daytime. 

4. In order to avoid looking older than your age, stick to light pink and peachy tones. They make you look more refreshed.

5. The opinion that black makes you look order is quite controversial for there is nothing more enticing, elegant, luxurious than a woman in black. If necessary, the tone of the face can be refreshed with a light scarf or a blouse.

6. Pay attention to shapes and silhouettes. Avoid capes and other garments that wash away the contour of your figure.

7. Avoid bright neons and choose juicy, charismatic shades instead.

8. Choose the right length. A skirt that hits right below the knee will fit most women. Other universal garments are straight, elongated trousers that cover the heel, jumpers with v-shaped necks, and tops and bottoms of one color.

9. It is a well- known fact that dark colors make us look older while light colors make us look younger. 

10. The same applies to diamonds or their more affordable counterparts: silver, sequins, and glass. Wanting to look festive can leave you looking funny. Simplicity, in this case, is a virtue.

11. Nothing is quite as miserable as styles that have gone out of fashion: colorful makeup from the eighties, broad shoulders from the nineties and such. Not all newest trends have to be followed as long as you've got a hold of general tendencies such as skirt lengths and color schemes. This will allow you to follow fashion and look modern. 

12. Avoid matching the print of your skirt or trousers to the print of your jacket. This is an acceptable business look, which will not work in your free time.

13. Try to always emphasize your waist, whether it's with a thin belt worn over a dress or a wide belt worn over a jacket or even a long overcoat.

14. Intense makeup, complex hairdos, and unnatural hair colors tend to add extra years.

15. The misconception that bright colors and exquisite hairdos make you look irresistible is quite common even though healthy hair and delicate makeup that emphasizes the best about your face are what truly boosts your beauty.

16. Clothes that don't match your age or status or decade clothes do not work for everyone and can easily affect the way you are perceived by others.

17. Try to match your appearance to the social group you are or want to be a part of. A university professor and a film actress don't have to dress the same.

18. Sensual, open shoes with heels can make any woman look irresistible. Heavy- duty closed shoes, in turn, will only add charm to a teenager. 

19. Out of all styles, place your bet on classics with a chic touch. Avoid all extremes, from the overly romantic to the shockingly avant-garde. Try to find your own individual, natural, and harmonious style that will emphasize your assets.

20. Finally, it's not the clothes that make you look older but the lack of attention to self. A woman that takes care of herself and loves both herself and her appearance looks good in everything.